Experienced balcony construction services in Sydney


balcony flashing

As with any structure, balconies also need waterproofing, so if you have one on your property or are thinking about installing one, this is definitely something to consider. At Smithy’s Contracting Pty Ltd, we specialise in waterproofing for commercial and domestic clients, and can waterproof all types of balconies.

Whether you own a hotel and have multiple balconies or have just the one at home, our team can deliver a reliable service that suits your individual requirements.

Balcony construction services you can trust

With years of experience in the waterproofing trade, we’ve completed a wide variety of balcony projects for many different clients. As a result, we can work with balconies made from any material, including those constructed with a concrete slab or with timber.

Regardless of the materials used, if water has penetrated the top surface, it will find or cause a weakness, resulting in water damage to the ceiling or walls below. The only way to prevent this from happening is to waterproof the balcony, and we can protect your existing balcony or install waterproofing for a new one as required.

For quality balcony construction services in Sydney, look no further than Smithy’s Contracting Pty Ltd every time for expert workmanship you can depend on.

Call us today on 1300 769 444 for more details about our balcony construction services in Sydney.

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